Venice Historical Regatta, 04th of September 2011.

Every year on the first Sunday of September Venice celebrates the Historical Regatta, maybe the city most important event after the Carnival.
An historical procession, with typical XVI century boats, leaded by the mythic Bucintoro, the state galley of the doges of Venice, reminds the 1489 city welcome to Caterina Cornaro, the King of Cyprus wife, who renounced to be Queen because of her preference for Venice.

Bucintoro,VeniceThe Historical Regatta is one of the most spectacular events of the city, for the tourists and the citizens.
But, coherent with our philosophy of looking for routes and events off the beaten tracks, we suggest the Montagnana Palio as a very good alternative to the Historical Regatta, far too touristic till the point it collapses the city.
We are convinced that there are better periods of the year to enjoy Venice and its authentic atmosphere, for instance in winter, when the fog surrounds the city, giving it a magic aura which amazes the Venice citizens themselves.
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Venice Historical Regatta
Venice Historical Regatta

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