2009 Cheese Rolling Festival in the Italian Alps!

written by Simon Campostrini (San Valentino, Italy).

San Valentino, Italian Alps
On the 13th of September, in the mountains of San Valentino, close to Trento, you can join in with the madness of the 7th edition of one of the craziest Italian parties, Cheese Rolling.
It all started off when a few friends saw the original British Cheese Rolling on TV and in the space of just a few years the Italian version has became a major event, with more than 4.000 people attending!

Tug of WarThe festival starts at noon and consists of 3 main activities:
- the Cheese Rolling competition, where the contestants run after a big cheese form down a very steep hill. The fastest is the winner, and the prize is the cheese itself.
- Sausages and Beer competition, where the winner is the one who can eat and drink the most.
- the "Tug of War"!

Also, there is live music the whole day, with groups who play rock, reggae, ska, punk and metal.

In Cheeserolling.it you can see photos and videos of the last editions or in youtube.com (please digit "Cheese Rolling Italia").
Have fun!

Cheese Rolling
Cheese Rolling

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