THE MONTAGNANA PALIO (HORSE-RACE), September the 06th 2009.

We really like this amazing Horse race, because it’s not as big as the famous horse race in Siena Palio and because it maintains an authentic spirit of a medieval festival.
Montagnana is a little village near the city of Padova, in the north east of Italy, with a very big and precious castle, and is host to this medieval event every year.
The “Palio” has always been one of the most typical Italian festivals during the Middle Ages, and was started off to celebrate historical events via horse riding.
The historical origin of the Montagnana Horse race goes back to 1366, it celebrates the final victory of Padua against the Veronese Army and also the death of Ezzelino III da Romano, who very cruelly represented the Emperor Federico II.
This year the Palio has a rich events program, which includes medieval masks, music and jugglers, a race holding big flags, shows with bows and arrows.
The focal point of the party is definitely the horse race, where the winner is rewarded with the Palio, a scarlet cloak made every year by a famous painting artist. The prize for second place is a rooster, and third place a melon…
The festival ends at midnight with the burning of the Castle, a historical reenacting of the Ezzelino da Romano's revenge against the village of Montagnana.
Enjoy it!

PS - Please contact us for more information about north Italy holidays during this Festival.
PS2 - on the same day, o6th of September, also the Venice Historical Regatta takes place...

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