Rice fields, VeronaIn the village Isola della Scala, 19 kilometres south of Verona, from the 16th of September till the 11th of October the “Festa del Risotto” takes place!
This is one of our favourite events as it links the Verona citizens with one of the most traditional products of the Italian north east: Rice!
It is easy to see the presence of elements originating from the Far and near East, due to trade made by the Republic of Venice with these cultures many years ago. The Venetian vessels would come back from long journeys in China with salt, pepper, ginger and saffron, unknown spices at that time, but able to stir up the Venetian chefs' imagination and thus creating a unique culinary art.

RisottoIn the Venice region, especially south of the Verona province, important humid areas and rivers have enabled the cultivation of the rice, so the “Vialone Nano Veronese” could be nominated, first in Europe and the only one in Italy, “Product with protected designation of origin”.Villa Pindemonte
This festival is not only gastronomic; there will be guided visits to the rice fields, theatre events, games markets for kids, concerts and gastronomic competitions.
Apart from all of this, you take also take advantage of the “Veronese Rice Route”, and discover the gastronomical, historical and cultural delights of the agrarian world south of Verona.
By the way, my favourite rice dish at this festival is the delicate and tasty “Risotto all’Isolana”, with veal, sirloin, pepper, cinnamon, rosemary and of course parmesan cheese… Enjoy!
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Kids cooking RisottoPaddy fields, Verona

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