A day by bike in Lessinia

(written by Laura Lorenzini, Verona)

Lessinia by bike
As I am trained enough and August heat doesn´t let you breathe, I take my mountain bike and move for a few days to Boscochiesanuova, in Lessinia, to cycle in the fresh mountains.

Lessinia, VeronaOnly 40 minutes by car from Verona it is still possible to find an uncontaminated place, full of farms, grazes, a few stone houses and a lot of silence.
The Veronese mountain, inhabited back in the ages from the German originated Cimbri people, offers lots of routes by bike.
In August I did a very nice day excursion, adapted for cyclists with some training, which offers an amazing 360 degrees panorama, between big mountains and Lake Garda: the Boscochiesanuova-Castelberto route.

Lessinia,VeronaFrom the Bosco main square you have to take the road to Erbezzo, from which, at 1.100 metres on sea level, you can see the Corno d’Aquilio Mountain and Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo village. At this point there are still around 12 kilometres to go till the top, between cows and nuts trees.
In the last part there is a plateau from where you can spot the amazing Dolomites of Trento and the Padan Valley on the other side.
Finally you get to Malga Lessinia, where you can enjoy the typical ¨Gnocchi¨, made of white flour, and polenta with deer meat.
Back to our bikes, follow the direction to Castelberto, from where you can spot the whole Adige Valley.
The return way, passing by Podesteria, is nice, almost all downhill till Boscochiesanuova.
This excursion has around 50 kilometres in total, it is worth doing it slowly, enjoying the fresh air, the silence, the great panorama and the Malga Lessinia food.
Enjoy it

Lessinia, Verona
Malga Lessinia

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