Skiing in Malcesine, between Lake Garda and Verona

From the city of Verona it takes just an hour and a bit by car to do the 55 kilometres of the panoramic road which goes along Garda Lake, till reaching the medieval village of Malcesine.
The route to Malcesine is so spectacular that it was filmed in the first scene of the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace.Malcesine Castle
Malcesine is famous because of its enviable position in Lake Garda and its very old castle, of roman origin and rebuilt later by the Scaligeri, the Lords of Verona. The castle was used later by the Venice Republic and the Austrians.
The castle enchantment and the position of Malcesine even inspired the great German writer Goethe during his visit to Italy.
In summer you can enjoy the fresh and clean water of Lake Garda, and practice sport activities such as windsurf and there are also lovely cycling routes to peddle along.
In winter the village of Malcesine transforms into the starting point to Baldo, the magic mountain of volcanic origin, that, being 1.800 metres high, guarantees lots of snow every winter and a breathtaking panorama while skiing looking down over the whole Lake Garda and the Alps Mountains!
The ski season in the Baldo starts in December and ends in March.
The newly incorporated panoramic cable car from Malcesine takes you up to the top of the Baldo Mountain, from where there are 7 ski lifts, which allow you to ski through 40 kilometres of slopes, suitable for experts and for beginners as well.

Skiing Lake GardaBefore the ski day finishes we suggest you to rest at least 15 minutes, sitting at the top of Baldo Mountain, looking down at the Garda Lake and the whole landscape. This is one of my favourite views!

Malcesine Castle

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