Valpolicella Festival, between vineyards and Palladio villas, Sunday 25th of April!

Valpolicella Festival
Don’t miss out on one of the most fun eating/drinking/walking extravaganzas in the whole Venice region, the amazing Magnalonga, a 6 mile stroll under the sun with locals between vineyards and Venetian Villas inspired by the great architect Andrea Palladio.

Venetian Villa
On Sunday 25th of April, for 25€ and 7 'pit stops' you can enjoy the delights of local Italian cuisine: pasta, meat, cheese, olive oil, Sorbetto, coffee and more importantly the famous wines of Valpolicella, the beautiful hilly area between the romantic Verona and Lake Garda.
For people with a passion for cycling, we also recommend the Up&Down event: around 23 miles through 3 Valpolicella valleys, accompanied by our local cycling guide Alessandro.
The excursion is priced at 20€ and includes: beverage (non acoholic), a bottle of Valpolicella wine, insurance, and discounted eating vouchers to use at the Magnalonga Festival.

Cicloturismo ValpolicellaAlso, Alessandro organises cycling activities the whole year long for groups of at least 5 people.
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