A week-end at Lake Garda

written by Jenny and Andy (Köln, Germany)

Last August, after having spent 2 days in Venice, we decided to relax a few days at Lago di Garda.
Starting our search for a nice place to stay at Torbole, in the north, which we found a perfect wind surfer's place, we headed south to find a camping site at a less rough spot. We finally found a quiet family-run Camping site not far from Bardolino, which is a nice little town to stroll around in the evening and to eat a delicious Pizza. We spent our days chilling out at lake Garda and went swimming in the clear water.
Although we stayed there in August with a lot of tourists around, we were surprised we found this quiet place to chill out and relax.
The only problem was that a camping tend is not always the most comfortable solution, but unfortunately we didn't know italianfeelings with their route and accomodation proposals at that time...
Anyway, besides Venice and lago di Garda, we also strongly recommend a visit to Verona, which is only a 30 minutes drive away from the southern part of the lake and absolutely worth going.
You know what? We already miss Italy...
A rivederci!
Jenny & Andy

Lake Garda from Baldo mountain

Malcesine Castle
Sunset, Lake Garda

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