Practical advice to visit Venice, the Italian pearl.


It's not easy to talk about Venice, this magic city which is a labyrinth in the water, with 354 bridges connecting 118 islands!
In this article we just want to give you some advice to make your visit to the "Pearl of the Adriatic" unforgettable:
1 – Wear comfortable shoes, in order to explore the beautiful streets;
2 – Get a serious map of Venice, which highlights all the streets, little squares, channels, and so on;
3 – Buy the very good guide Corto Sconto. Itinerari fantastici e nascosti di Corto Maltese a Venezia, written by Guido Fuga and Lele Vianello and available in English once in Venice;
4 – Get lost in Venice, the best way of living the city is trailing off the beaten tracks.

It's best to get to Venice by train, leaving the car at the train station between Padua and Mestre. It will be much cheaper and more relaxing.

Once off the train in Santa Lucia Venice train station you can either start to walk or get a "vaporetto", the most common water public transport of Venice.

Famous places

VeniceSan Marco square
The most beautiful living room of Europe, Napoleon said just after he invaded Venice.
It's even more spectacular when there's high water in Venice.
The most famous bar in San Marco square is Bar Florian, where Casanova used to spend his afternoons.
A drink in this area is a kind of luxury, be careful with the bill…

Canal Grande
It´s definitely worth gliding through the Canal Grande by vaporetto, you can't miss the spectacular churches and palaces.

Rialto Bridge
Architectonic wonder, always full of people.

San Marco Basilica
You can´t miss it, it´s the perfect synthesis of the history of art, with its byzantine statues and mosaics and wonders of the XVIII century.
It's best to book in advance in order to skip the very long queues.

Clock Tower
Its astronomical clock has been beating out the time for Venice for more then 500 years. See if you can spot the statue of the Three Wise Men come out.

San Marco Campanile (bell tower)
Enjoy the fantastic panorama from the top of the tower 96 metres high.

Doges Palace
You can book a visit to the "secret itinerary", and see the torture hall and the entire secret passageway.

Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute
Baroque architecture, built by the Venetian inhabitants asking their beloved Madonna for help during the plague of peste which killed many people in 1630.
It took more then one million posts to build the church, which also houses paintings of Tiziano.

The first one in history, created in 1516 to protect and segregate the Jews.
Nowadays in the Ghetto, famous for Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice", there is still a thriving Jewish community and it's possible to visit the Jewish Museum.

These famous places are normally full of tourists, so if you want to see another Venice, the "mamma" who embraces you in its "osterie" (Italian pubs) and experience daily local life, then you'll just have to forget the yellow posters which indicate the touristic route and get lost!

Venice is known to be expensive and with very bad customer service so be warned!!
We (link have been looking for "trattorie" and "osterie", little family restaurants and pubs where the quality is secured:
- Trattoria Nonno Risorto
- Osteria da Alberto
- Osteria Ai Canottieri (very good fish restaurant)
- Osteria da Dante
- Osteria Gam Gam (Kosher food)
- Trattoria Al Gatto Nero
- Osteria dalla Marisa

Also, in the whole of Veneto and north east of Italy it is customary have an aperitif and sip a glass of wine with some friends before lunch or dinner.
In Venice this is called "ombretta", and the wine goes together with "cicheti", a sort of little tapas with Parma ham or sopressa (local tender/sweet salami with garlic and black pepper), artichokes or anchovies mmmmm.
This tradition is not bad at all, is it?

You should ask the venetians to explain the history and legends of the following places:
- Sotoportego Zurlin
- the "Gobbo"in the Rialto Market
- Biasio, the butcher of Venice
- Desdemona's house
- the "Tits bridge",in San Samuele
- the door nr. 963 A, behind Rialto Market

In order that you and Venice itself can sleep properly at night we suggest that you stay in the Venice land, close to Venice but at the same time enjoying the peace and quiet atmosphere offered by the Venetian countryside.
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