Lake Misurina in winter

It took some time, but now our friends don't want to wait anymore…
Finally we start, the project italianfeelings is up and running, we hope we can transmit our excitement and passion to you!

We offer comprehensive and local advice to travellers wanting to visit Venice and its wonderful region, Veneto, which lies in the north east of Italy.

You'll find detailed information in our website, and be able to contract our touristic services, including carefully selected lodging proposals and activities.
Thanks to our origins and local contacts in the region, travelling around Veneto you will enjoy the advice, the living and passion of the locals.

We don't offer holidays like traditional agencies, but we try to explain rural tourism in Veneto and the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism.
Basically this is the way we work:

www.italianfeelings.com : our website and virtual office. You will find everything about our travels, routes, lodgings, car hire etc.
this blog: to provide you with sound information, give a voice to the travellers who will be able to write a travel board diary or simply anyone who wants to say something or ask info about north eastern Italy
twitter: from anywhere and at any time of your trip, simply with a message from your mobile you can inform your family and friends in real time about what you are doing in Italy.

That's it, a big hug to everyone!

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